There are predominantly 3 figures within our Team who are in charge of programming, inventing, testing and approving our menu!

There is me, Simone, the rational mind, the one who schedules times and deadlines, who stresses the rest of the group, remembering the dates by which the development phases must be respected!

There is Silvia: the Chef! She search, try and propose her recipes!

Emiliano: He is the development coordinator! Interacts with Simone and Silvia. Above all he warns Simone of what he can say and not tell Silvia. Why: watch what you tell her, because she bites you !!


Every occasion is a challenge to improvement in full respect of our PHILOSOPHY:

KAIZEN: constant and continuous improvement! 😛🙏

And even on this occasion I would say that the mission has been accomplished!

Try it yourself and judge our work 😜😜! It will be a pleasure to offer you our hospitality and let you try our cuisine!


… this is fun for us too!

Silvia, Emiliano and Simone


Check out the menu:

Menù alla carta


Menù alla carta


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